SN10 Stories February 26

After a relatively quiet week at SpaceX’s Starship facility in Boca Chica, Texas we finally got to see Starship SN10 come to life for a quick static fire on Test Stand A. The vehicle has been out on the pad for about a month now, being moved from the manufactory facility while SN9 was still on Test Stand B.

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SN10 Stories February 21

Starship SN10: Possible static fire as soon as Monday

With NASA’s Perseverance rover was taking up much of the limelight last week, we didn’t see much in terms of Starship activity other than lots of improvements to the landing facility and further work on future Starship vehicles but that might change this week.

SN10 Stories February 10

Last week SpaceX launched their SN9 Starship prototype to an almost fully successful flight only missing the landing due to issues relighting one of the two Raptor engines needed for the flip and landing maneuver. This is something Elon Musk has already hinted at a possible fix that we might see on their next prototype which has already begun test at their site in South Texas.

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SN10 Stories February 1

The saga of getting Starship SN9 to launch continues after the FAA, which oversees commercial space launch licenses, did not approve SpaceX’s request to launch last week. This pushes the nearest possible launch opportunity to this week. In the meantime, SpaceX kept teams busy by bringing the next Starship prototype to its pad to begin testing.

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