SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 7 fires up 11 Raptor engines

At 2:42 pm ET (1:42 pm CT), SpaceX performed another static fire of their Super Heavy booster. This test was performed using 11 of the 33 Raptor 2 engines. These static fire tests are intended to test the booster and ground support equipment to prove the system’s readiness for a planned orbital flight test and many future missions supporting Starlink and eventually NASA’s Artemis Missions.

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This Day In Space (August 27, 2019): SpaceX takes its flying water tower aka Starhopper to 150 meters

In the last two years, we have seen SpaceX go from building circular rings in a dirt patch to having a full rocket factory in South Texas. On this day 2 years ago their first creation, Starhopper, makes its famed 150-meter flight.

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Super Heavy rocket stacked, 29 Raptors installed overnight & more Elon tweets

This week SpaceX has made massive progress towards launching their Super Heavy rocket. Last week the booster was a mere tube in the build site, but now it has had the engines installed and been stacked with Starship 20; now laden with tiles.

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If SpaceX’s Starship doesn’t go orbital this year, this report will be why

SpaceX has been steamrolling towards their orbital Starship attempt out of Boca Chica since the SN15 launch. However, we are still months away from a possible attempt. The reason? Darn FAA Environmental Reviews.

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The FAA approves launches of SpaceX’s Starship SN15, SN16, and SN17

In a statement today, the FAA has approved a multi-launch license for SpaceX’s next 3 Starship prototype vehicles. With the soonest launch happening possibly this week.

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Rare view from SpaceX Starship High Bay in Boca Chica, TX [Video]

SpaceX’s presence down at their private spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas has grown immensely over the last couple of years in both infrastructure and employees. One of the most prominent new structures to pop up in the last year has been the High Bay.

SpaceX doubling down on Boca Chica; New permit shows future Starship launch site plans

SpaceX is continuing work on their Boca Chica facilities to support further launches and tests. New plans released by the US Army Corps of Engineers show some new additions that could be coming to the Starship launch site in the very near future.

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Starship SN10: Possible static fire as soon as Monday

With NASA’s Perseverance rover was taking up much of the limelight last week, we didn’t see much in terms of Starship activity other than lots of improvements to the landing facility and further work on future Starship vehicles but that might change this week.