[Udpate: Another segment stacked and SN15 moved] SpaceX stacks second segment for Starship orbital launch tower; SN15 looks to be moved off test site

The development of the launch infrastructure never ends in Starbase, Texas where a piece of Starship’s future orbital launch pad was just installed. Meanwhile, Starship SN15 seems to get ready to be moved back to the manufacturing facility.

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Starship SN15 stars in SpaceX’s recap video of the launch and landing

SpaceX shared a 1-minute recap video of the flight of Starship SN15, showing views of the launch and landing that only SpaceX can provide.

Cosmic Perspective’s Starship SN15 movie is out and it is glorious

Starship SN15 launched last week and we’ve all enjoyed the flood of photos and videos of the flight but nothing compares to the 4K slow-motion video by Cosmic Perspective.

On the anniversary of Alan Shepard’s historic flight, SpaceX lands Starship SN15 successfully

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s fateful flight, now today will mark another first. The first successful landing of a Starship vehicle by SpaceX.

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[Update: Starship flight scrubed] SpaceX doubleheader: Starship SN15 and Falcon 9 plan for flights today

Not very often do we get two launches on the same day from the same company but today we might just see that take place. Two SpaceX rockets are on their respective launch pads counting down toward two launches later today.

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The FAA approves launches of SpaceX’s Starship SN15, SN16, and SN17

In a statement today, the FAA has approved a multi-launch license for SpaceX’s next 3 Starship prototype vehicles. With the soonest launch happening possibly this week.

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SpaceX Boca Chica teams getting ready for the first flight of Starship SN15

After what seems to be a successful static fire Monday afternoon of the three Raptor engines. SpaceX is getting ready for another Starship flight of the upgraded SN15.

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