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July 2020 - June 2022

What is SpaceX stock?

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company. That means you cannot buy SpaceX stock in the public market. Unless you are extremely wealthy or have a large stake in a company that has a stake in SpaceX, it’s unlikely you will ever be able to own anything resembling SpaceX shares, for now.

SpaceX still does of course have stakeholders. Founder Elon Musk, who also founded famed electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, funded the company initially with funds from his sale of popular online payments platform PayPal. Other equity firms, like Founders Fund and Valor Equity Partners, also have significant stake in SpaceX.

How to buy SpaceX stock

As mentioned, the only people buying SpaceX stock aren’t individuals — they’re large corporations and equity firms. For instance, Google and Fidelity together invested around a billion dollars in 2015 for a 10% stake in the company.

SpaceX stock price

How much does SpaceX’s stock cost?

SpaceX’s shares are valued at $56 per share.

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company; therefore, publicly traded SpaceX stock (which doesn’t exist) has no price.

The only way to know how much SpaceX shares could be worth would be to look at the company’s last evaluation. In October of 2021, it was reported that a private shareholder sold shares for a price of $560 per share. That puts the worth of SpaceX at $100 billion, the second highest valued private company in the world.

However, SpaceX went through a 10-1 stock split in February of 2022 meaning that for every one share a holder owned, they now own 10. This also reduces the price of the share, meaning the current price of a single share of SpaceX is now $56. A stock split doesn’t change anything about the company except for the number of shares.

SpaceX stock symbol

SpaceX is not a publicly traded company; therefore, publicly traded SpaceX stock (which doesn’t exist) has no stock ticker symbol. If it did have one, SPCX would probably be a good fit.

SpaceX stock graph and price history

Since SpaceX is not a publicly traded company, as mentioned, there is no publicly available stock graph or price history of note.

When will SpaceX go public?

Elon Musk has stated that SpaceX will not go public any time soon. Musk has stated that short-term demands of shareholders could ruin the company’s chance of colonizing Mars, the long term goal of SpaceX. Once that goal is achieved, Musk might rethink keeping SpaceX private.

This stance was stated to SpaceX employees in a now leaked email that answered why Musk hadn’t taken the company public. In the email, he says:

I am increasingly concerned about SpaceX going public before the Mars transport system is in place. Creating the technology needed to establish life on Mars is and always has been the fundamental goal of SpaceX. If being a public company diminishes that likelihood, then we should not do so until Mars is secure.

Elon Musk in a 2013 internal SpaceX email

When this email was leaked publicly on social media, Musk replied, “A lot has happened in 8 years.” Perhaps SpaceX’s stock could become available sooner rather than later, or the opposite, he didn’t elaborate further on his response. Either way, Musk’s thoughts on selling SpaceX stock publically were very negative in that email but did tell employees to sell some shares “to increase fun and reduce stress” in their personal lives.

In the near term, there is a possibility you could buy shares of an offshoot of SpaceX, Starlink. SpaceX’s worldwide internet service has been rumored that it would become its own company and be traded publicly once profitable. That might take some time, however, because SpaceX is still selling Starlink terminals for a loss.

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