Launch Spotlight: CRS-25 – SpaceX set to launch the 25th space station resupply mission

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 14, 2022, at 8:44 p.m. EDT. This launch will carry a Cargo Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station carrying food, science, and other supplies for the Commercial Resupply Services 25 (CRS-25) mission.

SpaceX ends 2021 with launch record and 100 successful booster landings

SpaceX has launched 31 Falcon 9s this year, beating 2020 by five launches. Post-launch, the company stated it is now done for 2021, making its CRS-24 mission for NASA its final launch until January.

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Roscosmos and NASA in talks about adding commercial docking capability to Prichal

Roscosmos and NASA are in talks about the new Prichal docking module and allowing commercial spacecraft to dock to it, possibly relieving scheduling conflicts.

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Starlink connectivity coming to SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule, Starlink exiting beta, & more Elon tweets

Beyond sharing a photo of his new dog Floki, talking about UFOs, and stressing the importance of reusable rockets on Twitter this week, Elon has also shared new features, including Starlink, that will be coming to the Crew Dragon capsule.

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[Update: Dragon spacecraft deployed] SpaceX to launch 23rd resupply mission to the International Space Station

After weather scrubbed SpaceX’s first attempt to launch CRS-23, they will be trying again tonight. This mission will feature a Falcon 9 rocket launching the company’s Dragon 2 cargo vehicle to the International Space Station. This will be SpaceX’s 23rd mission for NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services program and 3rd for the CRS-2 contract.

Date: Sunday, August 29th at 3:14 a.m. EDT

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[UPDATE: Dragon splashdown] SpaceX Crago Dragon set to return from the International Space Station

The Dragon that flew the CRS-22 mission to the International Space Station is set to return to earth over the next few days. However, Tropical Storm Elsa has proven problematic. Undocking is currently scheduled for July 7th.

Update: SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico just before midnight (11:32 p.m.EDT) on Friday.

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Interview with Dr. Ed Kelly on the Kidney Cells-02 Experiment launched on CRS-22 [Video]

On Thursday, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9, carrying a Dragon 2 capsule to the International Space Station for CRS-22.

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SpaceX CRS-21 Dragon 2 capsule set to depart International Space Station next week

After launching to the International Space Station in early December, SpaceX’s new Dragon 2 vehicle successfully docked and supplied the ISS with food, experiments, and a new airlock. NASA announced today that the Dragon 2 capsule currently on the station will depart on January 11.

Video: SpaceX shares time-lapse of CRS-21 Dragon 2 docking to ISS

Yesterday SpaceX and NASA successfully docked the Dragon 2 capsule for CRS-21 to the International Space Station in part of the phase 2 Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA.

Two SpaceX spacecrafts docked to International Space Station as Dragon 2 joins Crew Dragon

After launching from LC-39A on top a Falcon 9 yesterday, SpaceX and NASA successfully guided the Dragon 2 to docking on the International Space Station.

CRS-21: SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon 2 lift off on a mission of firsts

After a weather delay on Saturday, SpaceX launched the CRS-21 mission to the International Space Station.

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CRS-21: SpaceX Dragon 2 embarking on first flight, here’s how it compares to the original cargo vessel

SpaceX will soon conduct its 21st mission for NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services program. While it’s hardly SpaceX’s first cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station, CRS-21 is notable for being the first flight of SpaceX’s redesigned Dragon 2 spacecraft.

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